“Life is warfare”


Life is warfare.” -Seneca


If you live in the country there are two truths of winter. The first is that when winter weather strikes your road will be among the last cleared, salted, cared for and maintained. The second is that field mice want to use your home as a shelter from the cold.

Each year a battle for territory begins.  The mice look for vulnerabilities, holes, weaknesses in the perimeter. When one is found the enemy infiltrates and attempts to establish a foothold. Signs of the adversary begin to appear and a quick counter attack is necessary. Yesterday Beth and I launched our first offensive against the invaders. Traps, holes plugged, all food in containers and mouse proof boxes. Now it’s their move.

Wisdom shows us the need to be similarly vigilant over our thoughts and spirit. Negativity, judgement, selfishness seek to make their home within us. They poke, prod, search and try to squeeze their way into our brains and hearts. Our response to thwart an enemy trying embed itself within, cement their foothold, is one of the most important battles we’ll wage and choices we’ll make.

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