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Where is the line between arrogance and confidence? How do we know when we’ve crossed that line? If we’re asking these questions does that mean we should look behind us for the line between arrogance and confidence has been crossed?

I’ve been thinking about a quote from Aristotle;

“The mark of a wise mind is the ability to think a thought without necessarily believing it to be true.”

Too often we are too sure of our opinions, confident in our viewpoints, certain of our judgments. We like to believe that our thoughts are rational, logical, consistent with knowledge and wisdom, that we know the “truth.” The problem of course is that if we all believe we know truth, a lot of us are sure to be disappointed when/if the truth ever reveals itself.

Wisdom’s twin is not knowledge but rather self-awareness. It is the understanding and accepting of how our environment, religion, culture, experiences, have shaped each idea, assumption, assertion we make about ourselves and the world around us. Separating ourselves from these influences is next to impossible but recognizing the affect they have upon our lives is not.

When we recognize our conditioned thoughts, we become more aware of the possibility of “other’s realities.” It is in this realization that Plato’s maxim; “I am wise because I know I know nothing,” is understood.

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  1. Great thought. But if all the questions have been asked, & all the research done, can 1 come to understand? I’m sure Plato would see my point. #NOTHINGMatters

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  2. I wrote a piece back on May 5 on a subject very simular. Thoughts vs Beliefs……..A thought is harmless, unless we believe it, or attach ourselves to it. A belief is a thought that we have been attaching to, often for years. Attachment to thoughts without inquisition and research to its truth causes suffering.

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