What We Have


This morning I witnessed a man throw a fit because the driver in a certain parking space wasn’t backing up his truck fast enough. There was no one else waiting for the spot, the anxious driver wasn’t competing for it, he was just in a hurry to claim what he wanted. What made the scene even sillier was the open space two slots down, directly beside the impatient driver. The worked up man was in a lather over saving, maybe, ten feet. If he would’ve taken the time to notice, parked in the open spot, he could have been in the store by the time the driver of the truck had backed up and could’ve saved the fit for another time.

I can’t judge the man too harshly because I must admit there have been times I was so focused on what I wanted I didn’t notice what I had. Life is full of blessings and fortunate choices and happenstance. Wisdom tells us that if we’re obsessed with what we don’t have, what we want, we’ll never truly appreciate the miracles which we’ve been given.

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  1. So true, it’s easy to get frustrated and angry. But when you face the same situation again at another time, don’t get angry and manage to find understanding for the other person somewhere inside of you, that’s such a beautiful moment.

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