The Little Things


Earlier today at a stop light I found myself behind a behemoth of a truck. Giant wheels, dual amplified exhaust pipes, in your face decals,the whole obscene vehicle shouted power, control. The driver of this monstrosity was in more of a hurry than the cars which were in front of it. What was interesting, and humorous, is that in spite of its over the top, primal, sheer brutality, it could not go faster than the vehicles in front of it were willing to go.

It was a good reminder of how little control we have over most of life. We can do all sorts of things to try and exert our power, design our existence to be managed, let our mouths and lives declare that we are in charge. However, in the end, we find ourselves at the mercy of the little things.

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  1. Wonderful way to point out that nothing matters. To see the infinitesimal NOTHING, is to gain awareness of everything else. #NOTHINGMatters but You


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