Without Permission

2015-06-22 002 019

Sunday evening a mighty storm of wind and rain blew through our area. The next morning there were several limbs in the yard and a HUGE one in the middle of the driveway. Late this afternoon I gathered them up and made a bonfire. The BIG limb required being cut up into smaller pieces in order to carry it. When I finally finished gathering all the debris I sat down and enjoyed the warm flame as the sun began to set.

Watching the flickering orange flames devour the limbs, I thought about the storm. Oftentimes in life, when storms blow through, leaving downed dreams and crushed hopes in their paths, we wonder where to start with the clean up and how anything good can come from the mess. Wisdom tells we begin by simply picking up the pieces and trust that even the mightiest winds and rains cannot quench our life’s fire without permission.

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  1. Good one, Teacher!


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