The Space Between


Some people drive us crazy! Others makes us want to put our fists, or heads, through a wall. For whatever reason there are folks who rub us the wrong way, frustrate, anger and cause us to react in ways we don’t want to or would normally do. However, we find our words and actions harsh, brash, careless, harmful and detrimental to connection and harmony.

It is especially important, as we deal with people with whom we struggle finding common ground, to remember the discipline of the “space in between”. This practice centers on the realization that there can be, should be, a pause between what happens to us and our response. This gap is used to measure our words, evaluate our actions and choose those which do not harm ourselves or the other.

A lesson wisdom tries to teach us that, if learned, will save us a great deal of regret and heartache.

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  1. Another great post & lesson for all to learn. A perfect example to explain why I say NOTHING Matters. Continued success in all you do!

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