What We Seek


Yesterday my brain went away.  I’m not sure where it went but it definitely left my body for a while.

I had retrieved the keys to the riding lawn mower and was going place them with it for my friend who was taking the mower to be serviced. I then headed out the front door when I realized I should put on a jacket. Accomplished; I was about to lock the front door when it dawned on me that I didn’t have the lawn mower keys.  I looked on the table by the door, retraced my steps, checked my pants and jacket pockets, searched in places I hadn’t been… Still no keys!  “Keys can’t disappear!” I told myself, “they have to be here somewhere!” Again and again, over and over, I looked, searched but nothing.  Exasperated I happened to glance down at my shirt and noticed the keys were in my front shirt pocket. Shaking my head and laughing at myself, I humbly and embarassingly locked the front door and went on with my day.

The whole incident reminded me of great wisdom truth; “That which we seek, we already possess, we must simply understand and receive.”

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