My Siberian Husky, Trooper, is an interesting dog. He’s also very in tune with what happens around him. This morning I had an early appointment and after shuffling around in my house slippers, fixing my coffee, I went and threw on a pair of jeans and tennis shoes. I walked back into the kitchen to grab my coffee mug and Trooper jumped up ready to go outside. He’d been out just moments earlier but picked up on the sound of my sneakers which triggered his response. After telling him; “Sorry bud. We aren’t going anywhere,” I petted his head, gave him a dog biscuit, grabbed my coffee, and headed out the door.

I reflected on his awareness to simply the sound of shoes. I long for my physical ears and the ears of my spirit and emotions to be so attuned. To know when to move and be still. To hear more than words when conversing with people. To be more sensitive in my spirit. Wisdom tells me this requires a willingness to discover the difference between what’s worth listening to and what to ignore.

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