Choosing Pain

I don’t think I’m the only person who, if there’s a choice, would avoid experiencing pain. However, on the path of life hurt and discomfort are a part of the journey.

I am scheduled to have B-12 shots once a month. The doctor showed my wife how to administer them and the Mrs. is scheduled to stab me every four weeks or so. However, having an aversion to someone sticking a piece of metal in my arm, I put off these monthly injections as long as I can. This morning Beth asked me; “Are you ready for your B-12 shot?” My first answer was; “Nope! Let’s do it later!” I then headed down the hall to get a shower but stopped, turned around and went sulking into the kitchen; “Sigh! Alright, let’s get it over with.”

Pain is not something we usually sign up for but sometimes it takes hurt, injury, harm, painful experiences to make us better people. Pain has a way of teaching us lessons we might not learn otherwise. Life is rough. There are times when hardships, distress and suffering make the path almost unbearable. However, on the other side of heartaches and misery is greater strength and stillness.

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