Feasting on the Wind


I heard someone today say; “All they’re doing is feasting on the wind.” That I can remember, its the first time I had heard this particular saying. I like it, a lot. Its powerful imagery. The wind comes in many forms. From summer breezes to tornadoes, limbs lightly swaying to hurricanes, wind can tickle our ears or tear apart our worlds.

As I reflected on it, a picture materialized in my mind of someone, on a hill, mouth open trying to catch as much wind as possible, swallowing hard and then repeating. However, no matter the effort they remained empty, void. You can’t feast on the wind. I then thought about our desire for control, power and recognition. These are indeed powerful forces and many chase after them assured they will satisfy. Instead we’re left empty, starved and still searching for that which will satiate our deepest hunger.

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  1. It’s about knowing what a thing is for, as well – you can revel in the wind, delight in it, use it’s energy to turn windmills and fly kites, and it can nourish your soul, but not your body of course. I think this can be a metaphor for spiritual issues too, because there’s a huge attraction to feasting on the wind – to focusing on things that are not of the body, that do not care for and sustain the body, that maybe even go further into denying and punishing the body. if a person thinks the point of this life is to suppress and overcome the flesh, then feasting on the wind would make a lot of sense. A person who wants to honour their life by looking after their body is going to need something more earthly to keep them going.

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