Losing My Voice

Last week a sick bug knocked me down and stole my energy, motivation and my weekend. I am recovering but the one thing I still haven’t gotten back is my voice. It’s going in and out doesn’t take much for me to sound like I am entering puberty all over again. This week I have also been scheduled to give presentations to varying groups, along with the classes I teach, and so protecting what little voice I have has been a priority. I am trying to keep my throat moist, mouth shut, not speak unless I have to, not sing along with the radio and have rescheduled a few appointments to avoid any unnecessary vocal use. I have a class this evening and a lecture to give tomorrow then a few days of good rest and recovery. Hopefully, my voice will be better by the end of the weekend.

I’ve reflected today on being extra vigilant about not speaking. I’ve avoided giving unsolicited advice, passed on putting my two cents into a conversation, kept quiet when I might normally insert a joke or insight. My extra words don’t seem to have been missed and when it’s been pertinent to say something I used a careful few when normally have may have been more generous.

I begin to wonder how the world might change if more people were afraid of losing their voice?


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