Forgive Me

I arrived early at the rehabilitation facility this morning where I was scheduled to deliver a lecture. The door was open to my room and I sat down and listened to the end of a session being given by a woman facilitator to a group of men. Most of them left after the lesson was over but one gentleman stood and seemed genuinely vexed by their topic for the day; “Forgiveness.”

I just don’t know where to start with my family and friends.” he said. “They’ve heard it all before and they’ve seem me mess it up all over again! Why would they give me forgiveness, believe me?” The instructor told him the forgiveness must start with himself and then flow out toward others from there. “When you’ve come face to face with who you are and what you’ve done you must decide to forgive yourself, not claim anything about the future, just being repentant for the past. What you do, who you are moving forward will help others decide whether or not to forgive, to trust, to give you another chance.

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