Coldness and Life

Last Friday I mowed the grass in shorts and a t-shirt under a gorgeous sun and basking in a balmy breeze. Then came Saturday. Winter, it seemed, wanted to remind us that it wasn’t quite finished and blew a cold front into the area. What was warm, sunny, blue sky days quickly became dim, cloudy and frigid thanks to a mighty wind which blew non-stop for two days.

As I was standing outside waiting for the Husky to do his business on Sunday I looked up and saw green buds and leaves beginning to show on the branches of trees. The spring like weather earlier in the week had done its work and signs of life were present even though the cold of winter was still blowing.

It was a good reminder that even in frosty seasons of the spirit, when hardships and chaos blow a chill into our souls there is still life. It may be hard to see but it’s there if we’ll take the time to look and remember.

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