Still Together

Earlier this afternoon Beth and I finally went to see Batman V Superman; Dawn of Justice. Enjoyed the movie and neither the Mrs. or I understand all the negative press its received. For the commercials, trailers and first fifteen minutes of the movie we were the only ones in the theater. Then a strange sound echoed through the room as an elderly man with a loud metal cane and an elderly woman slowly made their way to a pair of seats. They took forever to get seated, whispered so loudly you could hear everything they said, snuck in a couple of bottles of water, and were as cute as they could be. I was watching the movie and watching them and thought how out of place this pair seemed watching a comic book movie. However, it didn’t take long before I thought; “I hope, when Beth and I are that age, we’re still going to superhero movies, distracting young folk and being wherever, together.”

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