How Long


A young monk and his Abbott were walking one day when they came across a giant Oak tree which seemed to reach the skies. The young student asked his Master; “How long has this tree been alive?” The elder monk looked for a long time at the towering tree, admiring it’s beauty, strength and then shrugged; “It was here before me it will be here after me.” The Father then continued with the journey. The young monk hurried after him. After a time of reflection the young one asked his wise leader; “Is it not sad that we won’t even live as long as a tree?” The Master smiled and said; “No, not sad, wonderment, that such temporary creatures as ourselves could behold such a sight and carry it with us into eternity.”

Life is short. However, who we are, what we do, our experiences, our lives, will echo for ages into the generations which follow.

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