The Hidden Places


Company is coming and Spring cleaning makes for hard work.  This weekend we’ve been cleaning in anticipation of a couple of my wife’s family arriving for a visit. Part of my to-do list was making the dog’s room presentable. Not an easy job but not overwhelming until I climbed on a stool to clean the top of the refrigerator located in the room. “Yikes!” So much dust and dog hair.  What a mess. After a big; “sigh!”  I got to work and now it’s nice and shiny, squeaky clean. I spot clean the dog’s room regularly but since the refrigerator is taller than me I never look up on top.

Life is similar. We focus on certain visible areas but the harder to reach places, the not seen so often places, we ignore. Wisdom teaches us that we are to examine every part of our lives and keep even the hidden places clean.

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