When life gives you lemons…

I talked with a dad yesterday who is having a very difficult time lately. His marriage is strained, his children are making poor decisions and he’s trying to hold everything together. He is heartbroken and struggling to see the truth of what we’ve been working on for the last year; “Good choices make good men who make good fathers.” He wonders if its worth all the passion, energy and time he’s putting in if, in his words, “everything’s going to hell!” We talked for a little while about the problems his family is having and then I turned the conversation to him. We spoke about different ways of communicating with his loved ones, how to accept the things he couldn’t change and take action on what could make a difference. I assured him that the effort he’d put in walking the path was not wasted and that in all the chaos it’s more important than ever to be the man his family needed him to be.

There are seasons in life when seemingly all the good has gone and nothing remains but confusion, doubt, fear and frustration. In those times we do not abandon the path of wisdom but allow the challenges to remind us how important it is to keep walking and don’t look back.

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