Starting Point

Starting Point

Much of the work I do with men is helping them see their life; “as it is” not how they think it is, where they are,  not where they think they’re located. Many times we think that to improve our lives we just leave the past behind, imagine what we want and go in the direction of our dreams. However, until we know who we are, what we are, we cannot change our life’s trajectory.

Imagine having a map of New York and wanting to visit the Statue of Liberty. You find the world-famous landmark and begin to plan how long it will take and what resources you’ll need to complete your journey. However, if you don’t know where you are you have no starting point, no place of reference. You can’t take the first step towards the future until you discover where you’re standing presently. There are two different type of planning are required if you’re already in New York or if you’re coming from Chicago.

Self-awareness and intense discernment are required for us to forge a new path for our lives. Who, what and where we’ve been determines the genesis point, the starting place that will take us where we need to go.




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  1. Excellent and I’ve really never thought about it before. Kind of like a map at the mall. First thing people do is look for the “you are here” mark.

    Too bad we don’t look for the same mark in life.

    Good bless,



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