What Matters


What Matters

Muhammed Ali died this weekend. Tributes have been pouring in from celebrities, heads of state, famous sport’s writers and more. They are celebrating his athleticism, his political convictions, his religion, his personality, his life.  His funeral will be televised world wide and led by former President Bill Clinton. It should be a spectacle to behold.

The world lost another person this weekend. A woman with grace and class. She gave her life to important causes, impacted many people, had friends from all around the world, was a wonderful mom and grandmother, a committed wife, a cherished friend and an example of what it means to give yourself away so others can find meaning and purpose. Her funeral, also this week, will not be televised, most of the world will not realize she has passed but those who love her will share stories, shed tears and laugh at this one who touched them by living and loving well.

At a time when being famous is a drug many are hooked on and people knowing your name has become the meaning of life. I want to live quietly, love extravagantly, help all I can without publicity and die knowing my existence made the world a better place.

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