Like the Spider

Like the Spider

Yesterday evening I collapsed into a chair on the front porch, aimed an industrial fan at me, and tried to cool off, stop sweating, from working most of the day on an outdoor project. (Like the Earthworm

As I sat there enjoying the breeze I noticed a tiny spider that had somehow attached its webbing to the fan and was crawling toward it. The fan’s wind speed is forceful and it was amazing to watch the arachnid determinedly make its way toward the frame of the fan. The intrepid spider at times looked as thought it was holding on for dear life. The webbing shook violently, stretching to its limits, but the little bugger would not let go. Finally it made its way to the fan in spite of my  doubt in the strength of the web, the spider and its determination.

Watching the spider I was reminded of the times in life when we our worlds are shaken violently and it seems we are hanging on by a thread. It takes all the strength we have to take the next step and to hold on for dear life.

There were two keys to the spider’s success. The first was the durability, elasticity and toughness of his lifeline. He was attached to something which wouldn’t break. The second was trusting in what he was holding onto and the resolution not to let go, no matter what.

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