Outside of our front door is a giant Oak tree. It towers above all other trees in our yard and most of our neighbors. I love this tree…well as much as a person can love a tree. It provides good shade, is beautiful with its green leaves reaching to the sky. It was one of the major selling points of the house for me.

A few days ago we had guests over and one of them mentioned the Oak tree, its height and width. “It’s so tall! I would be worried it might fall on my house! You could have someone come, remove it and make some money.” When my wife mentioned this comment to me I was incredulous! Remove it? For money? Because it; “might” fall on the house one day? This tree has stood for many more years than I’ve been alive and could outlive me easily by many more. It is a testament of strength and endurance. It has held fast in harsh storms, offered shade and beauty to families, strangers, guests and friends. To cut down the tree, for me, is unthinkable.

We live in a world where old, traditional, lasting things are often mistaken for obsolete and anachronistic. We fail to appreciate what has stood the test of time, proved it’s worth, is made in such a way our fast-moving world can’t impact it. Too often we’re all about the newest, shiniest, quickest, gadget, machine or whatever contemporary ideology, theology or existential knowledge is hurled our way. This tree is a reminder that life is about finding the deep, proven things which last and satisfy.

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  1. I’m with you all the way but at some point the tree or part of the tree may possibly fall on your house. At least sleep well during a storm knowing you have a reliable insurance policy. Like I said I’m with you but…

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  2. I love your closing line: “This tree is a reminder that life is about finding the deep, proven things which last and satisfy.” Beautiful. And true.

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