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Earlier today, on my way to a Father’s with Addictions group, I rounded a curve to be met with the sight of a downed tree from the winds of a thunderstorm which recently blew through the area. The bad news; it was a two lane road and there were vehicles behind me, no way to turn around. The good news; this is rural Tennessee and most “Good ol’ boys” have pick up trucks with tools in them. Several had already started cutting up the tree, throwing the pieces to the side of the road, one was hooking up the trunk to his bumper and pulling it to the side. It didn’t take long until they were done and the traffic, which had built up over the 15 minutes or so it took, was able to make their way to their destinations.

As I drove by the tree I thought about how well these concerned citizens worked together to get a job done. There was no payment given except a wave to each other once they were finished. The reason they moved the tree is because it was there and it had to go so the road could be used. No other motivation was required. I wondered; “Wouldn’t it be great if people would do because it needed to be done? Help each other? Love each other? Do the best for one another because there was need?

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