Who We Are…


Who We Are…

Politics! It’s everywhere! I am so tired and weary of this political season. It has drained me of my hope for this country’s current political structure to right itself and begin to work again. The machinations of government are lost and we’re quickly losing any sense of the nation that once was a beacon. This is not; “morning in America!” but a nightmare which we may never awake from.

Outside of my front door is a large Oak tree. I love this tree, if one can love a tree. Its been growing for longer than this season’s politicians have been alive. It stands majestically in the front yard, tall, strong and laughs at the power grabs we humans make. It scoffs at our illusion of self-importance. There is a hill behind my house which gently slopes up. I often walk to the top and look around and see countless trees, hills, skies, the sun or moon and am reminded of how small we truly are and our lack of importance compared to nature. Our limited existence on this insignificant rock spinning in space we call home is rather puny.

I have to admit the thought of either candidates winning the current election sends chills down my spine and into my spirit. I don’t see how anyone can vote for either one. I hear people say; “If you don’t vote for this one, the other one is going to win!” as if an unprecedented cataclysm will befall the Earth. It’s just hype. It’s not true. We don’t have that kind of power. Its us pumping up and tripping over our ego.

We did not bring into being the life, rhythm and purpose of existence. We cannot end it. Go outside, look at the sky, be reminded of our smallness. Take a breath, let go, remember who you are and who you aren’t.

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