Which Way?

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Which Way?

Today I gave a lecture at the Community Center for Kid’s Justice conference in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Pulling out of the driveway I made sure I had everything needed. To get to the interstate I was going to keep left on the road coming from our house. Normally, on Mondays, I bear to the right which takes me to the office. Driving down the road I was running over a few things in my mind and without thinking went right instead of staying left. It took me a couple of miles to realize what I’d done and turned around. Shaking my head I made sure, when I arrived at the fork in the road, to keep going in the correct direction, the one which would take me to my destination.

Wisdom teaches us that absent-mindedness won’t get us where we need to go. We must remember to stay focused on where we are going or we’ll never get where we need to be.

I also thought of some of the men I work with each week. They’ve grown up and have certain ways of thinking, speaking, doing, being. They often don’t know there’s another way to go, how to turn their life around, go in the right direction. What they need, long for, is someone to help them see there is another way.

Each of us must keep the destination in mind, follow the compass placed deep in our spirits, if we are to arrive at the place where we were born to go and stay for eternity.

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