Our Siberian Husky, Trooper, has taken to rolling around in the grass every time we take him outside. He’s doing this because his thick winter coat is coming in and so his thinner summer coat needs to go. So, looking like he’s having a fit, he rolls over on his back and aggressively thrusts himself back and forth getting rid of that which is no longer necessary.

Watching him today I reflected on the desire to do the same thing. Not rolling around on the brittle, brown grass, although that might be interesting to do and for others to see, but shedding myself of that which I no longer need.

Its hard to rid ourselves of the unneeded. We become accustomed to the safety, the comfort, the security of what we know and do. To change is difficult and requires a courageous decision to willingly, perhaps aggressively, remove that which we is no longer necessary, knowing we can’t grow unless the old is left behind.

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