All You Need

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All You Need

Yesterday I wrote about the battle with rodents that begins every fall (There’s a Catch

Cleaning mouse traps and the areas where the little fuzz balls like to hang out is one parts determination and nine parts twisting, turning, bending and stretching. To make it easier I decided to use a few of the attachments which came with the vacuüm cleaner. The problem was I didn’t know where we kept them. I began looking in all the obvious places and then not so obvious ones but couldn’t find them. Finally, frustrated and out of ideas, I used just the hose along with a broom and dust-pan. It would’ve been easier with the attachments but I made it work without them. Once I finished the chore I was wrapping up the cord of the vacuüm to the hooks on the handle. As I did this I noticed that embedded in the handle were all the attachments I’d been looking for…forehead slap…“ugh!”

I remember a conversation I had with a friend several months ago who was starting a new chapter in her life and she asked me to give her some advice. “Breathe‘ I said, ‘Remember you already have all you need. You’re awesome and you’re going to do great.” To another friend, same message; “Don’t fret and don’t doubt. Trust the path and the path maker. It will not take you where you shouldn’t go nor leave you alone. What you carry on the journey is what you’ll need. Everything you’ve experienced before is leading you here.”

May this wisdom be remembered and guide all of us today.




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