Not a Great Fit

Image result for two pieces of wood joined together is called

Not a Great Fit

As a wannabe Saint and woodworker, I’m not sure which one requires more patience and effort. While working on an outdoor project today I had a piece of wood which needed to fit in a certain place, a certain way. I measured, marked the wood for cutting and then proceeded. The first cut was too long. I measured again, cut again and again too long. Repeating the process two or three more times I was finally able to fit into the certain place but not the certain way. I was getting frustrated and Beth noticed. “How about this?” she said. “Let’s go has some lunch and you can think about what you can do differently to get a different result.” Such a wise woman for this foolish man. By the time lunch was finished and a few other chores taken care of, I did come up with an idea on how to fix my board problem.

Stepping away, taking a breath, pausing, letting go for a moment and allowing space between the frustration and a reaction is a difficult discipline to develop. However, if ever mastered; chores, projects, even relationships and growing in wisdom, contentment might no longer be a source of contention but a more attainable path.




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