Go, Now!


Go, Now!

For the second day in a row, a traffic light has been an inspiration for reflection (“Up Ahead -https://thewannabesaint.com/2017/01/25/up-ahead/). Today, on my way to lecture a group of fathers with addictions I was stopped by a red light and waited for it to turn green. My attention was elsewhere; what I was going to say to the men, thinking about the week that is quickly evaporating. As I sat there pondering I noticed a yellow arrow going out and then the main light turning green. I had missed a green arrow, that would’ve allowed me to proceed through the intersection. I never saw it. Looking behind me I was relieved that no one else was amused or aggravated by my lack of focus.

When our focal point is other than where we want, need, to go we can miss the signs, indicators, of where and when we need to proceed. If yesterday’s lesson was patiently waiting, today’s would be that sometimes there are clear and present signals that the time to proceed, to continue on with the journey is now.

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