Leaving a Mark


Leaving a Mark

If I were mayor of our town for a day I would rename a section of road a few miles from our house; “Road Kill Way.” Over the past several weeks the temperatures have been significantly above normal, the varmints are out in force and some of them apparently aren’t looking both ways before they cross the road.  I’ve seen rabbits, squirrels, armadillos, possums, foxes, and skunks. Way too many skunks. The rest of the unfortunate animals don’t leave the trace the skunks leave. You smell them coming and going. It’s an unmistakable odor. If I remember in time, I hold my nose, if not I am quick to catch my breath once I catch the scent.

Trying to dodge the leftover animal parts today I thought about the road of life and how dangerous it can be navigating our way. I decided I want to go out like the skunk! I want to leave a mark and for people to know, unmistakably, that I was there.

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  1. Ha! Yes, let’s let people know that “we were here”!

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