A New Vision

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A New Vision

Last week I wrote about sitting on the couch waiting for the “Bug-Man” to come and spray our house. This Thursday we are waiting for someone to come, take a look at and give us a quote on remodeling our bathroom.

The bathroom is a rough spot for me and Beth. She sees it looking one way and me another. It is a small space so I’m thinking no bathtub, only a shower, lots of counter and storage space. Beth doesn’t like the idea of not having “a place where she can soak her fins.” So, we’re hoping someone who knows more about bathrooms and remodeling than just our preferences can help us decide.

Vision can be a tricky thing. Long ago, I heard someone say;  “A person who pursues a vision without the support of his peers is just someone out for a walk.” Our hope is that someone with more experience and wisdom can give us a new way of looking at things. A new vision that meets both our needs.

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  1. Our house is small, with a proportionately tiny bathroom. It already didn’t have a tub when I got married to my Paul, and it is one of the things I feel sad about…but I can’t imagine where one would actually go. It just means that if we go away for the weekend, I’m always on the lookout to stay in places with tubs… 🙂

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