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This morning I was getting ready to go to a health council meeting. I went to the closet and picked out a pair of pants and shirt and laid them on the bed next to the ironing board. The pants were good to go but the shirt did need ironing. I turned the iron on, placed the shirt on the ironing board and went to do something else while the iron warmed up.

When I returned, the iron was ready and as I picked up the shirt the hook on the hanger, which was still in it, grabbed the ironing board and began tipping it over. Like most ironing boards we’ve had starch, buttons, water, more hangers and a plethora of other items which would make a big mess if they were to fall off the ironing board and crash onto the floor. The hot iron would also not feel good if it landed on my foot. Luckily, I caught it in time to stop this from happening. I breathed a big sigh of relief, rolled my eyes and was thankful for a mini crisis averted.

I carefully picked up the shirt again, twisting the hook on the hanger so it would no longer grab the board, took it out and pressed my shirt. As I did I thought about the different attachments we have in our lives and how the removal of one them can cause upheaval for everything else.

Wisdom teaches us to be careful not to be attached to many things in this world. Every attachment, each item we own, all the things we call; “mine or ours,” can grab hold of us. The more stuff we surround ourselves with the more danger there is in our lives being unbalanced by their loss.

We must be careful or the very things we think we possess will actually possess us.

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