Try Again

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Try Again

All. Day. Long. Dropping things, misplacing things, bumping into things. I don’t know what’s up with my visual acuity and proficient dexterity today but I cannot seem to stop being clumsy. I am in an “oops” state of being. When it happens the first time you don’t really pay attention. When it happens again your eyebrow raises but you don’t panic. When it happens a third, fourth and fifth time you begin to wonder if you should crawl back in the bed and hit the day’s reset button. Oh yeah. There’s not a reset button. So, you simply try to make it through the day without hurting yourself or someone else. Today; graceless and inelegant. Tomorrow, hopefully, less awkward.

It never ceases to amaze me what little control we seem to have on things. How often, things we should be able to grab firmly, escape and elude our grasp. Days like today remind me that we are finite, and if not powerless, certainly much less powerful than we would estimate or imagine.

To grasp the truth of our limited mastery of the little sphere of influence we call existence is the first step to remaining calm and carrying on.

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