Another mighty storm front blew through the area this morning. Not too far from us a tornado apparently touched down and winds blew near 100 MPH. Beth and I were talking before work and I stated; “We haven’t gotten much cold weather this winter but we sure have had the winds and rain!

Outside of our front door is a mighty Oak tree which needs to be topped. Before winter it also needed to be pruned. There were many dead limbs which needed to come down. The storms which have come through our area since November have taken care of a lot of these limbs. At one time they were in the tree, threatening to fall on someone or something of value. The winds and rain this winter have shaken them from their place and we have picked them up as they have fallen. The storms have been mighty, stoking fear a few times but they have also pruned the mighty Oak.

Storms, mighty winds, also blow through our lives shaking us to the core. They whip us around, knock us to and fro and we wonder if we’ll topple over. However, as the storms make their way through and leave us a little unnerved but alive we notice the dead limbs which were blown free.

Wisdom teaches us that storms are chaotic, frightening, and needed. Too often we surround ourselves with things which lose their value, die, and decay. These weigh us down, are unsightly and should be removed. Then comes the storms and we are thankful for their power to strip from us anything and everything that’s not alive and growing.

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