Your Path

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Your Path

I had a conversation not long ago with someone who’s trying to stay on a certain path for the rest of his life. I asked him; “How much regret do you have over choices you’ve made, decisions which have shaped your life so far?” He closed his eyes, released a heavy “sigh” and replied; “Plenty.”

I reminded him that every choice he makes takes him down a certain path. “You were born with certain genetics and predispositions. You didn’t choose your parents, the environment you were raised in, the “normal” you existed in that had a big hand in who you were and are today. However, you have the ability to decide if these things will dictate the path of your life or if you will be master of your own fate.” 

All paths lead us to our last day. People will gather, songs will be sung, words will be spoken and the shell known as our bodies will be laid in a box, lowered into the dirt and dirt we shall become. What happens after our burial we have no control but the path we take to get there will either be one chosen for us or one we defiantly, determinedly, choose to walk and not waver.

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