Saving Daylight

Saving Daylight

Daylight savings time happened last Sunday. The days seem to be longer now even though there is still roughly the same amount of daylight. Losing an hour’s worth of sleep isn’t ideal but having the sun still shining at 6:30PM is wonderful.

Time, however, didn’t actually move ahead an hour just as in the fall it doesn’t take a step back. Each of us has 24 hours each day to live. No one has the power to give us more nor can we bargain, beg or steal it.

Following last Sunday we have extra daylight in the evening and as summer approaches we will attain more.  Even then, however, we only have 24 hours each day. The “extra” light in the spring and summer give us opportunities to work out in the garden, on outdoor projects, sit on the porch, take evening walks, make the most of each long day until fall comes to take it’s light back.

Time is a difficult idea to master. Why do some days and seasons feel longer than others? Why does time fly when having fun and drag when things are difficult. Yet 24 hours is allotted to us every day. Whether dark or light, fun or frightening, long or short, it’s what we have, what we need to make the most of while we can.

Do not wish time away, for it is this that life is made of.” #WisdomProverb

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