Where the Light is

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Where the Light is

My wife and I spent most of the day planting trees. Beth said she wanted an orchard so we have a couple of pears, apples, and a peach tree. They’re lined up in a row and now we wait for the leaves to begin to sprout and one day, hopefully, we will pick fruit from her orchard.

As we worked this afternoon I noticed our large Oak tree in the front yard was finally blossoming. The way the sun shone through the limbs it looked as though the tree was much greener up top than closer to the ground. With blue skies for a background, the green up high looked beautiful.

I stood and stared for a few moments and soaked in the wonder of nature. I also reflected on the truth that growth comes the closer we are to the light. Reaching out, like the limbs of the giant Oak, we find our lives opening up and becoming more beautiful when light shines, penetrates, illumines, and enlightens.

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