Fried Egg

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Fried Egg

Someone asked me this morning if I knew how to fry an egg?  I looked at them as if they were asking me to design a space ship capable of light speed. There are a few things I do well but cooking is not one of them.

Don’t get me wrong. I think I could fry an egg, cook a simple dish if I tried with instructions and probably an instructor standing by. Cooking is just something I’ve never put my mind to, took the time to learn and put into practice.

I also can’t sing. I can follow along with the singers but am tone-deaf. Every note I sing and hear sounds the same. I used to be bothered by not being able to sing. I remember complaining about it one day and the question was asked; “Which of your other gifts, talents, would you give up to be able to sing?” In that moment I realized my desire to sing was ego running amok. The gifts I do have I try to use for good and after a reflective few moments, my answer was; “None. I wouldn’t give up any of the unique talents which make me who I am for any other.” Since then I’ve never desired a beautiful singing voice.

We are all who God has made us to be and our dissatisfaction in the gifts, talents God has given us is not because God short-changed us but because we are short-changing ourselves.

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