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Today was a beautiful day for a walk/run outside. 80+ degrees, sun, blue skies, low humidity.

Anytime you walk or run, especially in the country, you keep an eye out for dogs. They love to come running up to you, barking, menacing, and you aren’t sure of their intentions. It is in these times I am thankful for a booming loud voice or a big mouth! I turn towards them, clap my hands together and say boisterously; “NO! GO HOME!” Most of the time this is enough to make a dog stop in their tracks and become confused.  Almost all stop barking, charging and some even turn around.

In my father’s class in the county jail today we were talking about relationships, especially when it comes to communication. Most of the guys agreed with each other that it was almost always the woman’s fault. She would start; “Nagging! Not letting me have any peace, so I would just leave.” As we continued talking, however, I wanted them to see they were also at fault and leaving every time a conversation could turn into an argument didn’t solve anything. “Sooner or later you have to go home and have the hard conversations. The problems won’t disappear just because you don’t talk about them.

Communication; the greatest asset or worst weakness we have when it comes to loving and living with each other.

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