Congestion Ahead

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Congestion Ahead

Beth and I spent the day traveling. Most of the trip wasn’t bad but the state of Georgia must’ve decided to do all their road repair at the same time.

It’s always interesting when people see those orange signs. Some people pull into the proper lane and wait in line, others get as far as they can in the opposite lane before getting over.

One of the construction zones we encountered today told the drivers to get over before the construction began in 4 miles. There were orange signs intermittently which counted down to a 1000 feet warning. I got over into the proper lane and slowed down to a crawl.

However, something interesting happened. There wasn’t any construction happening. The cones were off the road and all lanes were open. Finally, after a mile or so everyone figured out the error and traffic began moving normally again.

Wisdom tells us that our journey is only bound by our limited vision and adherence to beliefs that may hinder our progress. Being aware and willing to take risks, not always playing by the rules, can bring advancement and get us where we need to go.

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