Highs and Unknowns

Highs & Unknowns

Earlier today I helped a friend install a street light on a cottage in his backyard. It was quite the climb to the top of the ladder with a new lighting assembly.  My wife held that ladder, and prayed, as I fixed the light atop the building.

As I was working I felt something strange land on my head and began crawling but every time I reached up whatever it was moved to another place on my dome. Finally, holding on to the ladder with one hand, I knocked off the unknown creature. It was a frog!  I have no idea how the frog made its way onto the roof but this one was quite the climber.

After dispatching it, I finished installing the light and climbed down still shaking my head at the frog from nowhere. It was a great reminder that no matter how high we climb the ladder of life there are always unknown challenges that can come from nowhere to test our balance and our wisdom.

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