Mistaken Identity

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Mistaken Identity

Today we had a staff meeting at our main office. During the meeting we watched a video on the impact not sleeping enough can have on a person mentally and physically. It’s not good. Before the video, I was trying to get someone’s attention and kept saying their name over and over. Yet, they didn’t acknowledge me. I spoke louder and louder until they turned toward me and asked; Are you talking to me?” “Of course,’ I thought, ‘why else would I be saying your name?” Then she and other staffers informed me that wasn’t her name. She didn’t answer when I called because her name wasn’t mentioned. In my defense, I was close but not close enough. People laughed but I felt bad not remembering her name. When she told me it I instantly knew but until then…I think perhaps I’m getting old.

Wisdom teaches us that we must know who we are or we will answer to anything. To be in touch with our true identities, our real selves takes time, patience, and breaking through the walls of our false selves. This seems like too much work for some and they settle for being their work selves, familial selves, parental selves, friend and family selves or a combination. The problem is when these selves are destroyed and shadows will be what’s left.

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