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Last week I watched a documentary titled; “Pioneer Quest: A Year in the Real West.” ( It was the story of two couples who gave up everything from the 21st century to live life in the 1880’s for one year. They didn’t have electricity, running water, indoor or outdoor plumbing. They planted and hunted for their food, depended on a cow for milk and a team of two horses to do everything from plow the land for farming, to pulling a sleigh in the snow, and to get them wherever they needed to go. The biggest obstacles were to adjust their mindset from present day to the late 1800’s and their bodies to work harder and longer than they ever had before. The two couples, who didn’t know each other before, had their differences but needed to work together well enough to make it to the end of the year and possibly collect the $100,000 prize money.

The show is a slow burn. It takes a while for the couples to get used to the pace of living in a way that required time and effort to do everything and for the viewer to accept that each episode won’t be non-stop action or suspense. However, once this is done there is a rhythm to the living this way and the watching this show.

I won’t spoil the ending but watching it made me long for a slower pace of life. The folks in the documentary didn’t have the luxuries we have now, they lived in a one room log cabin, had to walk in all sorts of weather to go to the bathroom. No internet, no fast food, no power tools, no zipping to town to grab something forgotten at the store. If they didn’t have it they learned to live without it.

I wonder if these are the keys to a simpler life; you don’t need everything and if you don’t have it you’ll still find a way to live and possibly thrive.

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