Psalm 6

I wrote this for a friend of mine today who is going through a difficult time.
“My God, do not be angry with me or wash me away like a flood.
Be kind to me, my Lord, for I am drowning; I need your touch Father, for my anxious bones rattle within me.
I am terrified and you are nowhere to be found.
How long before I see you, feel you, again?
I’m dying! Save me! Answer me out of your deep love for me.
If I am separated from you forever I can’t speak of you.
This hell I’m going through takes my strength and my voice.
I’m so weary. I cry all the time.
At night my bed floats on tears. In the day I weep with scorched eyes, red, inflamed and parched.
I grieve, screaming for you to come to my rescue.
Wipe out those who would do me and those I love harm.
Hear me O God! Please listen! You are my only hope.
I have no one but you. Fill those who set themselves against me with terror and dread.
Turn them away from me and bring shame upon those who come against me. Amen.”
The Book of Psalms, 6.
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