Green Light Red Light


Earlier today I was on my way to go pick up something. As I went I hit almost every traffic light green! I arrived at my destination quickly. I came back the same home on my return trip, however, I ran into red lights and traffic. It significantly changed my time and my mood.

I think it’s interesting when you travel, especially in a suburban area, how many traffic lights you have to navigate through and when they change. Sometimes you hit the light green, everything goes smoothly, and arrive at the destination early. Other times it is the opposite. Every traffic light seems as if it’s waiting. Yellow lights turn red more quickly, people are impatient, and most drivers wish they would have stayed home in bed.

Life is traffic lights. Sometimes it’s easy-going, you arrive with not much difficulty, and all seems right. Other times, however, nothing works out. Remembering that life works certain ways at certain times and no amount of luck, ability, or planning can change it. Acceptance is key. There are red lights and green lights. How, when, why they change isn’t under our control.


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