The last few days have been perfect for raking. The idea of gathering the leaves and disposing of them so one can have a nice, neat, immaculate yard is exhilarating! As I raked today the wind was blowing and leaves kept falling. One leaf landed on my shoulder as if the trees were mocking my efforts. It could have been defeating but instead I accepted it was never going to be flawless but it will be better than what it is currently.

Or world is messy. Troubles, difficulties, and challenges seem to fall from the sky. We want to make it all better but evil and negligence mock us. This is when we decide to give up or do what we can, when we can, and make even a small part of this planet we call home better.


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  1. Do you think there is an insight into how the Spirit of God works here? We have not seen the wind and certainly cannot control it, we know the wind and waves answer to the command of the Lord but the Lord Jesus in the boat slept until someone woke him, I find that accepting and acknowledgjng how things are is often to give the Spirit the initiative and the Spirit of Jesus woken up, gives grace and help in areas where I have been deeply troubled.

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