Our little Beagle/Walker named Scooby is an excitable dog. When I hop on the treadmill he stops whatever he’s doing and stares. He’s trying to figure out why I’m moving but not going anywhere. He’s wondering where all the belt, motor, and fan noises are coming from. All of this is stimulating and before you know it he goes digging into his toy basket and takes out one or ten! He paces back and forth. He hops on his bed and off. He comes in the room and exits many times. The energy I’m expending makes him anxious. Only when I’m finished with the workout does he settle down.

I know what he’s going through. When I’m in a room of people who are loud talking or laughing, gathered in a small space with lots of chit chat and moving around, or someone giving off negative or anxious vibes, I feel my own anxiety and energy starting to rise.

My first instinct is to exit. If that’s not possible then find a place that feels secure (a corner, a wall, a restroom) where I can collect my thoughts and calm my mind, body, and spirit.

Physical escapes may not always be accessible but finding a quiet place in my head, my soul, can bring peace and positivity.


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