Several weeks ago, just before a staff meeting, I noticed a “Stink Bug” on some papers I was holding. “Look!” I exclaimed. My supervisor came over quickly and said; “Don’t kill it!” Gently she cupped her hands around this angular, brown, strange looking, unattractive, insect and took it outside, free from harm. We then went on with our meeting.

I’ve thought about this several times since it happened and am still impressed with her kindness and compassion over a bug whose very name carries with it a stigma of not being worth saving, even likable.

This past year has been one of name calling, caustic labeling, attacking others for different beliefs, lifestyles, and choices. From top to bottom, left to right, and most in between, we can’t seem to resist, accusing, judging, and shoving our brothers and sisters into boxes and slamming the lid shut.

Perhaps this New Year we can resolve to label less and love more.


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