Spunky and Sarcastic

I was called; “Spunky!” and “Wonderfully sarcastic” in our monthly staff meeting today by different people. These are two adjectives that aren’t typically used when referring to me. My anxiety has spiked the last couple of weeks and one of the lessons I’ve learned in therapy is when my anxiousness and worry are at their peaks the chinks and cracks in my socially acceptable, presentable, self are revealed.

Similar to a kettle of water letting off steam my anxiety shows itself as excitable and irritable. I mask it in spunkiness (hyperactivity) and sarcastic remarks (combative). As soon as I left the meeting today I could tell what was happening and went somewhere to walk around and burn off the pent-up energy.

One of the questions I’ve been taught to ask clients is; “What’s happening?” instead of; “Why are you this way?” The inquiry gives insight into a person’s internal world instead of focusing on the external. It also allows for a suspension of judgment and diagnosis allowing the specialist and the client to see beyond the symptoms.

Instead of labeling someone as difficult, challenging, a troublemaker, or disgruntled we need an understanding of who they are not just what they do.


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