Last week, one morning when I had the dogs outside taking care of business, we were up the hill of our backyard.

I’ve been working with our Beagle-Walker, “Scooby”, for almost three months training him to be a service dog. There are parts he’s excelling at and others that need more work. I had his leash but had let him off to work on obeying the “come” command. He was twenty feet away from me when down at the beginning of the driveway a brown dog appeared. Me and Scooby spotted it at the same time. I said; “Scooby! Scooby!” He stood still and I was getting to him as fast as I could without startling him as he stared at the unwelcome visitor. Quivering with energy and instinct he took off when I was five feet away! “Scooby! No!” but it was too late. He was gone. I leashed up Trooper (our Siberian Husky), went searching, and found him at a neighbor’s house.

There are seasons of loss in all our Iives. Times when what or who we love won’t stay. No matter what we say, do, or plan, we can’t keep relationships from dissolving, death knocking on a loved one’s door, jobs we care about ending, places we treasure disappearing, other occurrences happening, which alter us forever.

One of the most important disciplines we can learn is the practice of letting go and accepting that which we cannot change.


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