The last two weeks I’ve been cleaning out the big shed and the workshop. Lots of things stored, projects started but not finished, items never used. Some of it went to Goodwill, some will be sold, and the useless stuff I burned in the firepit.

Today, I was cleaning out the pit and came across pieces of wood, shards of metal, and other unidentifiable remains. Most of it I couldn’t tell what it was originally. I was unable to recognize what was by looking at what remained. The fire had twisted, reshaped, destroyed, and remade.

Life is hard. What it does to us, the people we love, makes it almost impossible to endure at times. The fire of distruction, the flames of chaos, the intense heat of accidents and choices, reshape us into someone we don’t recognize, and can’t remember what our life was like before.

Perhaps what emerges from the ashes will be beautiful. However, when we are in the fire, all we know is life will never be the same again.


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